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Нийслэлийн жижиг дунд үйлдвэр үйлчилгээг дэмжих төвНийслэлийн жижиг дунд үйлдвэр үйлчилгээг дэмжих төвНийслэлийн жижиг дунд үйлдвэр үйлчилгээг дэмжих төв
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Small and Medium Enterprises and Services – MIRROR OF MONGOLIAN ECONOMY DEVELOPMENT Mongolia's labor market is dominated by SMESs, which employ 72% of the country's workforce. SME is the heart of sustainable, inclusive economic growth.

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Why do domestic products focus on?

In the difficult case of COVID-19 pandemic outbreaks, patriotically purchasing or investing in the country is very necessary for the development and advance of Small/Medium Production and Service.     

For economics

Gross Domestic Products is the economical measurement to measure the total number of goods and treasures they have manufactured in the area of our country.

For the currency stability

Developing domestic production and export them is to become a citizen is rich even it increases currency on-flow and goes up the MNT rate.

For country

Circulating domestic productions, being with employment or income for each person and exporting self-goods or products in abroad market in place of importing them from foreign countries are to positively influence to the economy.

For each family of Mongolia

Very normally, it is important to wear clothes where have been made in Mongolia instead of wearing clothes from abroad as well as to provide necessity manufacturing ourselves in place of using foreign goods or products.

Gangamurun. G 

Head of Promotion Centre of Metropolitan Small/Medium Production and Service and Head of Authority for Metropolitan Ownership Service     

The mission of the Department of Study, Research, and Marketing

Establish a business system with organic growth and normal performance and create its worth through consulting and teaching for small/medium production and service – entrepreneurs. 

Law on the Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Services.

This law aims to diversify small and medium-sized businesses and services, improve their competitiveness, increase employment, and increase their economic share.

Small and medium enterprises and services (SMESs) account for 85% of the economy's capital.

Ulaanbaatar is home to 51% of all businesses, and 72% of the population works in the SMES sector.

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Policy approaches of promoting Small/Medium Production and Service from State

Teach, develop teaching structure and capacity
Allow a soft loan and a toll for loan interest
Rent Service of Finance for devices or equipment
Increase exportation and support the production and the service of displacing importation
Support a selling through state purchase
Serve a business consulting service
Support to transmit a production for an advance of new technic and technology
Support to run the performance in the manner of clustering
Support to enter foreign or domestic markets

News and information

We provide timely news and information on small and medium enterprises and services.

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